"You can Photoshop that, right???"

Sometimes yes, but please familiarize yourself with what's included in your session so you are not disappointed or surprised.

My goal is for my clients to look freshwell-rested, and, well, like yourself. To achieve that goal, I include many retouching services listed below.

Standard professional retouching service may include:

• Stray hair removal
• Removal of blemishes
• Reducing shine on face
• Reduce under eye bags
• Reducing wrinkles
• Whitening teeth
• Whitening eyes
• Removal of glare in glasses
• Image cropping
• Exposure and color correction

Standard retouching does NOT include:

• Adding or removing large portions of hair
• Braces removal
• Moire Removal (color or patterns caused by certain fabrics)
• Changing your color of hair, retouching roots
• Significant creases or wrinkles in clothes (please iron/steam your clothing)
• Background removal or change of background color
• Taking pieces from one photo and swapping it with pieces in another photo
• Changing your clothing in any way
• Making you look 30 years younger
• Making you look like a movie star (unless you are a movie star)

All retouching services are done at the discretion of Jessica Kaplan Photography. For any additional retouching outside of what is included in our Standard Retouching Services, I can provide a quote upon request.